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New Poll: Don’t be complacent, we must vote Approve on Referendum 71

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

In 2008, the University of Washington released its poll on support for same sex domestic partnerships reporting that 66% of the general electorate support full domestic partnership.  Today, on the Approve Referendum 71 campaign’s blogger briefing call, Josh Friedes, the campaign manager, revealed the results of their new poll concludes that 51% would vote “approve” while  44% would vote “reject” on referendum 71.   The difference in numbers is due to the new poll’s focus on off year election voters. In an off-year election, voter are typically more conservative and older.   

The new poll is a much more accurate representation of what this years turnout will be and just how slim the margin in our favor.  It is likely that in the coming weeks there will be a lot of noise coming from the other side with mischaracterizations and deceptive arguments.  While may will see these for what they are, some may be swayed by them resulting in less support for “approve”.

The outcome will be determined by those who show up.  In order to preserve our rights, we need to get up and take action.  Please make sure that your friends and allies vote “approve” on Referendum 71 and don’t forget to mail their ballots!


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Phone bank at a call center to spread the word. If you live outside the Seattle/Tacoma Metropolitan area, sign up here to phone bank from home.

Donate online to support the Approve 71 campaign

Change your Facebook photo to the Approve 71 icon and talk about Approving 71 in your status messages. If you run a website or blog, please link to Approve71.orgwith both a text and graphic link. This will be a big help to the campaign to create awareness for the site.

Show your support with Ref71 Gear such as yardsigns, buttons, T-shirts and bumperstickers at the online Approve 71 Cafe Press store.

For more great things you can do check out:


Ref 71 Qualifies by the skin of its teeth

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Today the Washington Secretary of State released its verification information.  With a super slim margin, the referendum has enough signatures to appear on the Nov 3 ballot.  

The next step is that the secretary of state will certify (or not).  There is currently a lawsuit pending which could prevent its certification.

The secretary of state’s office said Monday that sponsors of Referendum 71 had 121,486 valid petition signatures – enough to put the newly expanded domestic partnership law to a public vote.

APNewsBreak: Gay partnership foes make ballot

The referendum requires 120,577 valid signatures. They got 121,486. Thats a margin of only 909 signatures

Additional re-checking will be done of the rejected signatures, so that margin could rise. Talk about the skin of your teeth..


Law & Order: WVU Washington Victims Unit, Dept R71

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Some news updates on Ref71. They’ve checked 130k signatures, only 8 to go. We should know very soon whether enough signatures will be verified to put r71 on the ballot.  The campaign has filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent certification.  Each signature petition sheet is supposed to be signed by the signature gatherer.  Many (approx 30k i’ve heard informally) were either not signed or were stamped by the organizers.   The lawsuit argues that unsigned or stamped petition sheets should be disqualified.  Expect major news this week.

Washington Referendum 71 Signature Check to Finish Today
State election officials have now checked just under 130000 Referendum 71 signatures, the measure aimed at overturning Washington’s new "everything but

Washington Marriage Equality Group Seeks TRO on Referendum 71
Tips-Q GLBT News
WFST seeks to prevent Proposition 71 from being verified for the ballot until signature irregularities can be addressed. Among the group’s claims are:

Pro-Gay Group Sues To Keep Referendum From Washington State Ballot
Referendum 71 should only be on the ballot if it has qualified based on legally valid signatures. In order to ensure that it is not put on the ballot in


No Greg, YOU are harassing ME!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

This past weekend, on July 25, we headed down to Olympia, the Washington State capitol to watch the Referendum 71 petitioners turn in their signatures.  While I was there, one of these petitioners attempted to intimidate me because I was filming the events of the day. 

I made a video of the trip and what we saw for those who would like to see what happens.  The high point was having the police come up and defend me.  People should take the time to learn what the law is before they attempt to take it into their own hands.  Greg McPherson, take that free advice.

Check it out:

See the nonsense start at 2:20 when the goofy guy stumbles up the steps.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really feel like taking footage of our ride back to Seattle.  As you probably know, they handed in about 135,000 signatures, which if verified successfully, means they will likely qualify.  The ride back was a little more somber. 


Ref71: Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire

Friday, July 24th, 2009

This weekend is the finale for the signature gathering phase of the petition to put Referendum 71 on the ballot here in Washington State.  A few months ago, Governor Gregoire signed SB5688, which expands Washington’s Domestic Partnership law to include most of the rights of heterosexual marriages. 

After that, our opponents have launched a campaign to get Referendum 71 on the November 2009 ballot in order to repeal that bill.  As much as they say they are fine with domestic partnerships as long as its “not marriage”, their actions reveal otherwise.

In order to ensure their success, they are misleading the public about what SB5688 really is.  SB5688 is about Domestic Partnerships, not marriage.  The petition signature gatherers are telling people that this is “marriage”, that this will lead to the issuing of marriage licenses.

Chris Mason from Driving Equality has been filming a documentary while driving across the USA.  He happened to be in Port Angeles, Washington and caught this signature gatherer on video. 

Check this video out from DrivingEquality:


Here are the facts:

Signature gatherer is incorrectly saying that this is about “marriage” when it is about domestic partnerships.

This is misleading, this is about domestic partnerships not marriage. However in trying to make Referendum 71 a referendum on marriage, their inability to easily qualify the measure shows the growing support for marriage equality in Washington State

He says that “people will be voting on whether or not to give marriage licenses”

No marriage licenses will be given, this is about DP.

He says that this is “not about giving gays the same rights of marriage, but giving marriage”

This is not true, its exactly about giving just SOME OF THE rights of marriage.

He’s misleading people into thinking that this referendum is an attempt to give those rights when really our elected congress-people and our governor have democratically passed these rights into law already.

The referendum seeks to take away those rights.

Another example of this, also at a Wal-Mart, but from Bellingham.

It’s good to know that at least our opponents are honest, NOT!