No Greg, YOU are harassing ME!

This past weekend, on July 25, we headed down to Olympia, the Washington State capitol to watch the Referendum 71 petitioners turn in their signatures.  While I was there, one of these petitioners attempted to intimidate me because I was filming the events of the day. 

I made a video of the trip and what we saw for those who would like to see what happens.  The high point was having the police come up and defend me.  People should take the time to learn what the law is before they attempt to take it into their own hands.  Greg McPherson, take that free advice.

Check it out:

See the nonsense start at 2:20 when the goofy guy stumbles up the steps.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really feel like taking footage of our ride back to Seattle.  As you probably know, they handed in about 135,000 signatures, which if verified successfully, means they will likely qualify.  The ride back was a little more somber. 

2 Responses to “No Greg, YOU are harassing ME!”

  1. awesomedude says:

    “Goof” is one term you could use. Personally, I have to say that “blowhard” and “moron” feel about right…

  2. Nelson G. says:

    It takes hubris for someone who is lobbying to take away rights screaming about his and acting like he was about to be on TMZ.